Taught by Poetry

spo0nman / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND

So I’ve been publishing poetry forms that I’m just getting to learn as I’ve started writing for the newly revamped Helium Network. I’m most comfortable with open-verse poems and that’s entirely what I write here on my site but Haiku, Senryu, Sijo, Tanka, Acrostic, and Sonnet have widened my horizon.

Here are the poems I’ve written so far following the guidelines of the site:
Act and choose peace (Acrostic)
Young winter caps (Haiku)
Winter snow blanket (Ninette)
Filling the holiday (Senryu)
Dancing snowflakes (Sijo)
Strings of sweet joy(Sijo)
The journey within the ocean (Sijo)
The virtue called honesty (Sijo)
Until winter ends (Sijo)
Life and its milestones (Sonnet)
Lift your lids and wake your dreams fulfilled (Sonnet)
White is the world (Sonnet)
White frenzy of storm (Tanka)
The sun sets for the moon (Tanka)


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