One Last Remembrance

How did that go again, The moment when we knew? Tell me before we say goodbye. How did it feel when we started to fall So in love, so in love. I remember the rain on that young Friday night That urged us close under your umbrella. There were the golden city lights, the cars and the train, Yet nothing distracted me more than you As we got lost in the heart of the City Laughing and smiling together. I recall these things at this late hour But I can’t remember them without you. Before we let go, can we … Continue reading One Last Remembrance

Dreams and Tales

I don’t want to believe in fairy tales again. Happy endings are but far away fantasies; Loving is a quickly fading memory; And hoping brings nothing but heartbreak. Until you… Surely a spell has been cast When our eyes held each other’s glance. For though fate has been unkind, Love was once again defined; Perhaps for the last time. Rekindling life itself, The waking has exceeded the dreaming. A silent heart’s wish granted Through each kiss – true love’s bliss. Continue reading Dreams and Tales

Live Life My Dearest

Which sea will contain my sorrow? How strong a thunder will punctuate my grief? Could the wind’s howl compare to this helpless heart’s cry? Empty Nightmare has become reality For life as that which I have lived has ceased. But the road before me is not untrodden. Silver streaks faintly glimmer declaring hope. These falling dewdrops form threads that lead to the morrow. Fearfulness breaks way for courage. As specters from the Shadow emerge reflecting my own woes We reach out our hands and grasp the intangible. Our lives have not ended. Changed, transmutated, morphed indeed. But life remains to … Continue reading Live Life My Dearest

Days of Blur

If one’s world are all the eyes could see, then mine is an arm’s circle. But this closed space is everything I need – a singular station rooted within bounds of stone. Brick by brick I have built the walls called distance; burned each bridge that were once silver and gold. The empty moon hide thorn-laden grass. A moat of silence keep the phantom siege at bay. This castle of one is my own peace. Continue reading Days of Blur

For at the close comes a promise for new adventure

This new year holds something special for me; I can feel it in my bones. I haven’t been as excited about a year as I am now. In fact, I couldn’t remember ever being excited about an entire year. This time, I’ve turned a new leaf. I’ve resolved to dream and do what I want. It’s not going to be a year about me (but I’m so selfish I couldn’t guarantee that). It’s going to be my year. Reading it out loud makes no sense but I know I meant to say something profound back there. Anyway, I’ve updated my … Continue reading For at the close comes a promise for new adventure

One beautiful Christmas greeting

seanmcmenemy / / CC BY   Today, I’ve finally heard from an old friend –  someone I could honestly say has changed my life. It was a simple season’s greeting but it was more. It told me that he and his family were okay and that they were doing fairly well from their ordeal with Typhoon Haiyan. It meant they were still celebrating Christmas and the holidays and that they weren’t just surviving,they were thriving. Soon,they won’t just get back to normal but will be in a better state as will their neighbors, families, and friends who went through … Continue reading One beautiful Christmas greeting


Broo_am (Andy B) / / CC BY-ND Dawn greets the meek child A gift called Day From dew drops to rainbows To shaped clouds that breeze by The meek that inherits, Without vengeance and strife, Grow trees of the forest And unparch dry earth. Whence Dusk wakes To sprinkle the sky With silver sparkle Moonbeams and stars dance Through soft-spoken lips songs play Hope, Love, and Peace With heart light as air Bequeath of young Spring Sleep embraces the weary But lighthearted one For that was the entire world Earth inherited In response to the Daily Prompt: Mad as … Continue reading Contentment