Why this?

I will slip into this fantasy
Until it becomes the reality of my existence
For fiction has and continues to teach me about life
And Life has been confiding with me the stories that I share

Nomadic Lass / Love Photos / CC BY-SA

I pledge to continue and never stop dreaming
To live and love vicariously until I wake up
Ready for Life’s new chapter
Because some dreams are meant to be lived
While others need only to be believed in.


If Β you have any questions or special requests, don’t hesitate to email at: thevicariouslyinloveproject@gmail.com


41 thoughts on “Why this?

  1. Thank you for visiting and liking my post Freckles. I think we are all vicariously in love with someone or something most of the time, but then I have been known to look at life through a different lens.

  2. Hi Jake–thank you for taking a look and now wanting to come along on with me and my adventures via cookiecrumbstoliveby. I’m enjoying reading some of you work–thank you for sharing your gift of writing with me–and others–blessings–Julie

    1. Thanks! Your latest blog entry on that old bookshop really pulled me to your site. Something about old libraries and stacks of bound books mesmerize me. And I completely agree that the tangible and age-vulnerable books could never be replaced by those e-book monstrosities; there is magic and history hidden in plain sight – the stories the stains tell you about a tear or an ink blot among other mysteries- between those bound pages.
      I bookmarked (pun intended) your site for easier navigation. Thanks for posting such great content on WordPress!

    1. Thanks!

      You have quite the extensive collection of content. Thank you for the tip about browsing the category section. It really helped.

      I’m really glad I chanced upon your blog!

  3. “All things come to those who WAIT!” Jake, my Momma always said, “and this too, shall pass.” For those of us that are reading through your heart strings songs of yearning…there will be a void…when you actually FIND YOUR LOVE…because your “tune” will change…as it should…

    1. This actually made me smile.
      It’s true that the “tune” of the writing reflects the contents of the heart. And you would definitely pick up when I’m chipper or sad through my blog because it’s where I pour all those pesky emotions and feelings (obviously they’re important but boy could they get troublesome).
      Hope you read through all my change of heart. Thanks for taking a peak!

  4. thanks for stopping by and liking my recent post. I hope you find your true love. I found mine 43 years ago and we are still together through good and bad times and still in love.

    1. Me neither! Notice that I didn’t even actually reply appropriately. And that’s almost always how I do it. I just get inspired by the prompt, which is what I think it’s all about. Don’t be too restrained by the prompt itself, write what it means to you in however way it appeals to you. πŸ˜‰ Good luck!

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