A question asked, an answer quip and an answer fail.

Someone new asked me something I haven’t had to answer for a while, “So what makes you a writer?” With the demand to impress while barely out of wakening stupor, I replied as much as my creative juices could manage. Words drawn from thin air are the cloth and my brain is my sewing machine. With inspiration as the thread, I end up with decent enough stories to tell through strings of letters people could read. And I should’ve stopped there but silly me went on and added an alternative retort: So i write. Because I write, I’m a writer. … Continue reading A question asked, an answer quip and an answer fail.

5 years and a lifetime ago

I was feeling nostalgic about this website out of nowhere so I began reading and backing up my composition in an email thread. It was then that I realized the reason for my mood. Apparently this blog was born 5 years ago exactly (yesterday lol). So many things have happened since then. The nature of the content here changed a few times reflecting such events. I keep going back to this blog just to get that sense of things from way back. That’s the beautiful nature of web logs, I guess. And I’m very thankful that wordpress is still around. … Continue reading 5 years and a lifetime ago