Dreams and Tales

I don’t want to believe in fairy tales again. Happy endings are but far away fantasies; Loving is a quickly fading memory; And hoping brings nothing but heartbreak. Until you… Surely a spell has been cast When our eyes held each other’s glance. For though fate has been unkind, Love was once again defined; Perhaps for the last time. Rekindling life itself, The waking has exceeded the dreaming. A silent heart’s wish granted Through each kiss – true love’s bliss. Advertisements Continue reading Dreams and Tales

Live Life My Dearest

Which sea will contain my sorrow? How strong a thunder will punctuate my grief? Could the wind’s howl compare to this helpless heart’s cry? Empty Nightmare has become reality For life as that which I have lived has ceased. But the road before me is not untrodden. Silver streaks faintly glimmer declaring hope. These falling dewdrops form threads that lead to the morrow. Fearfulness breaks way for courage. As specters from the Shadow emerge reflecting my own woes We reach out our hands and grasp the intangible. Our lives have not ended. Changed, transmutated, morphed indeed. But life remains to … Continue reading Live Life My Dearest