Open verse and other poetry forms

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I can’t help writing poems when the urge hits me. It’s like the words are in the air around me just waiting for me to pick them up and arrange them on paper; yes, I mean real smooth-to-the-touch, crumple-prone blank paper. I write the words as free and natural sounding as I can in what is called open verse poetry. And although self-proclaimed and entitled poets trivialize this form, I quite enjoy writing it that way. I’ve always thought structured and formal forms sound insincere. But now I know better and I admit I’ve been as biased as those I just mentioned.

I’ve gained this perspective since I tried to expand my knowledge of the craft. I familiarized myself with poetry forms specifically Haiku, Sijo, Ninette, and Sonnet among others. There is a familiarity and a sense of comfort in the traditional as well as the history that they hold within their very form. And so I’ve found new respect for Poetry in its entirety as I find myself a humbled greenhorn in this vast field of discovery.

Here are some open verse poems before I introduce the new forms I’ve experimented on:
Flaws are all I am
How did we fall in love
Longing for a kiss

And here’s a new page at the menu above that archives my latest and alternative writing, Taught by Poetry


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