Devoid – a broken state

theCipher / / CC BY-NC-SA

I waited for the tears to come as they always do –
endless until they meet empty slumber.
But none appear while hollow breaths
punctuate the silence of the room;
affirmation of the torrent of emotions
suddenly hushed to quiet.

I am without pain
only inexplicable stupor.
Then even that dissolves into the void.

Where is anger, where is hurt?
These emotions I understand.
Where is pity and the martyr proclamations of self?
Them I am acquainted with.
But not this, never this.

This is not sorrow or relief,
neither confusion nor bewilderment.
I am not jaded, I’ve met apathy.
How simple those are against this nothingness.
No logic and sense can make of this
a product of uncountable facets of a myriad of emotions –
simmering frozen black goo named unknown.

At this moment of self-contemplation,
I am utterly broken.

2 thoughts on “Devoid – a broken state

  1. I’ve felt just like this before, it’s terrible. There’s no name for the kind of numbness that comes with a crushing blow. You worded it perfectly; your control of language is amazing. Thanks for sharing this poem.

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