Are you afraid of the dark yet?

jasleen_kaur / / CC BY-SA

When it gets dark everything seems to hush, in the quiet, the rustling and the tiniest motions almost within sight and part imagination get me on edge. As the terror induced chill run down my spine and the silent scream gets caught in my throat, the little voice in my head shouts “Run!”

At times the urge to run is so strong I could hardly restrain myself and at others it comes so forceful and sudden that I am paralyzed. Hardly able to labor my breath, cold beads of sweat form on my forehead. When I can, I hurry into my room and shut the door quickly behind me as I race to my bed. And I listen shut-eyed.

Yet there is nothing but the harmless darkness called night. What moments before was sinister and full of malice enough that it gripped my heart to the edge of panic is now nothing more than just sleepy quiet. Until the door creaks and the scratching noises begin.

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16 thoughts on “Are you afraid of the dark yet?

  1. My husband and I joke about the “man in the attic” at our house to jokingly describe the various creeks and noises we hear — thank goodness we have a dog that barks loudly at anything amiss in our house, otherwise we wouldn’t ge much sleep, lol! Very well-done and descriptive post, and so reminiscent of many times growing up and hearing those “creaks in the night!”

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