Devoid – a broken state

theCipher / / CC BY-NC-SA

I waited for the tears to come as they always do –
endless until they meet empty slumber.
But none appear while hollow breaths
punctuate the silence of the room;
affirmation of the torrent of emotions
suddenly hushed to quiet.

I am without pain
only inexplicable stupor.
Then even that dissolves into the void. Continue reading “Devoid – a broken state”


At the deep end

Fadzly @ Shutterhack / / CC BY-NC-ND

It was a fun day at the pool with my friends from school. It was either the start or the end of the semester that we were celebrating for and we came prepared for a pool party. And before long we were all wet and having an enjoyable time. Two hours in and I was still soaking in the shallow end of the pool, always at that part.
I’ve never been a fan of the other side; just thinking about not being able to touch something solid with my toes in the water gives me the chills. There is something intrinsically frightening about being suspended in the middle of the water. Which is why I can’t understand how I managed to put myself right there in such a situation on that faithful day.
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Life’s companion named Death

Hindrik S / / CC BY-NC-SA

     Every so often I’d dream about being in an unfamiliar cemetery – like the cemetery invites me as a forgotten friend. There is one grave that I keep seeing each time and it always has such freshly cut lavender. The marriage of the lavender and the grave was so natural it was as if the grave birthed its own symbol of a fruitful and purposeful life lived. Continue reading “Life’s companion named Death”

The Reaper’s Eye

Imagine for a moment that you are walking within the high school you attended in your younger years. Think of the halls and the classrooms, the cafeteria and the flag pole, the assembly hall and the basketball court. Think about all these things that have been imprinted on your mind by the years you stayed there. However you managed then, whether you thrived or simply survived, everyone remembers their second home that is their high school.

Then maintain the image against an incoming storm of incomparable magnitude ravaging the empty and evacuated school. Furious clashing winds and forceful rain batter the walls, break the windows and the doors letting the elements invade everywhere leaving nothing but destruction in its wake. After a while, the longest hours from your stretched and panicked perception, the giant storm moves on as it gains even more speed. How would you feel if this actually happened to your alma mater? Continue reading “The Reaper’s Eye”