Rumor has it

Neal. / Foter / CC BY

   You can’t do that! That can’t possibly be true! Sure we’re just a tiny bit full of your love tales and sweet romantic episodes but if your perfect match that we all secretly (okay, not so secretly) envy and want for our own were to end, what do we have to look forward to??

   Sure I may be over-reacting, or so you say, but please get your act straight and get back together already. We all know that you can’t keep yourselves away from each other. I think it is just one of those laws of nature.

    And yes we don’t know the full story yet – I honestly commend you for being so mature about it and also am hating you so bad for not spilling the beans because I’m itching to know. Despite that, we can’t not talk about it and not give you random, generic, and cliché advice. We don’t know what to say otherwise. I’m really out of my depth here because I really couldn’t put myself in your shoes. But what are friends for right? Surely one of those advice might help you through this.

   But really, if you want to talk about anything, anything at all, we’re all here. Well, I am for sure. I don’t know about the rest of the moral troop behind you.

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