Maybe If then Perhaps

luigi morante / Foter / CC BY

Maybe, just maybe
if I stare long enough into your eyes
I will see myself the way you see me
and perhaps I could love my self as much as you love me

If I continue to listen to your voice
as you sing and tell stories
maybe I will hear it
the echo of that which spurs you
to live life so fully

If I keep on holding your hand
its warmth will soon spread through me
and I could hope that your strength
will come along with it
Then I may be able to weather
life’s challenges by your side

If I hold this kiss a moment longer
and share the air between usย and smell your scent
then maybe I can stayย the tears in my eyes
and stop them from falling

If we are together for as much as the world would let us
rather, as much as we would let us
I may grow to see the world through your eyes
Then perhaps I can envision the future
me with you, always with you

Perhaps I can keep all these memories
remember them to keep from falling back
to the endless sorrow that lingers and swells inside
a darkness I’ve always feared

And instead fall
into the sweetest slumber
with you close to my heart
my one true comfort and love

8 thoughts on “Maybe If then Perhaps

    1. Thanks for visiting again. ^^
      I admit that this one is a favorite piece of mine. I’m pretty sure it was raining that night when I wrote it just like right now. *sigh*

      1. No problem. Reading one entry a day. Haha. Looking for blogs like these and good thing I stumbled upon yours. I like what I’m reading so far. ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. Can’t seem to reply on the comment below. lol. Anyway that’s a good thing, more reading materials for me on a boring office/work afternoon. ๐Ÿ™‚

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