No lone wanderer

darkmatter / / CC BY-NC-ND

Good friends are always there beside you
To lighten your burden without question or judgment;
Sitting by with shoulders for you to lean on.
Great friends keep you company no matter what,
At the pit stops of your weary journey
Offering their backs to rest against, time and again.
And when you most need them, you realize
True friends stay with you forever
With ready hands to reach out for
So that you could get back up on your feet
To become the best you were always meant to be.

   It is so that in this world there will always be trials and hardships to overcome, some more difficult than the rest. A handful of people, you might know one or two of them, could weather almost any kind of troubles by themselves and we call them the strong and able ones who we all look up to. For everybody else, these challenges are too much to handle alone. And that’s fine because we are social beings and we need a helping hand every now and then, even when we don’t acknowledge it.

   No matter how tough things become or how much worse they could possibly get, with a sigh of relief know that at the very least you’ve probably made a lasting friendship along the way to help you through it all. Mostly, it’s just the very knowledge of the fact that there is someone with you even without all the advice and the material help. Having someone there is all it takes to take on some problems. Of course others take on trickier forms but a friend, a real friend (and that includes your partner and family too) is all the miracle you could ask for.

   You need not ask whether you think you deserve it or not because, for your friends, you are worth it without a doubt.

From today’s Daily Prompt: Helping Hands

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