Early in the morning

susivinh / Foter.com / CC BY-ND

   The temperature just rose by a degree, that’s what woke me up this early; the whirring noise of the fan two feet away doesn’t help. I take a peek to check my phone for the time with one eye closed- it’s a blurry 06:00 on the screen. I’m not a morning person but I always end up waking around this time.

   I close my eye back as I strain to listen to the usual sounds in the morning; the TV should be on by now and then the shower or if I woke a little later I should be hearing the ironing board being set up. But I hear none of these things that tell me that my older brother is preparing for his work. Then I realize, it’s Saturday.

   I slowly open my eyes. Everything is blurry, everything is always so unclear. I prop myself up sideways and lean on my elbow trying to remember where I put my glasses this time. I’m so dependent of my glasses since I couldn’t see beyond my outstretched arm’s wrist. This is my morning ritual, glasses hunting every time I wake up. Maybe it’s on top of the computer or this time it might have fallen down under the bed but it’s definitely somewhere within the confines of the four walls of this room. Every single day, I couldn’t remember where I leave it the night before.

   When I finally find it on top of the printer, I go out of my room for a drink. As I take gulp-fulls of cold water, I remember something I read on the internet about how  drinking pure water on an empty stomach is healthy; what an affordable health tip. I head back to my room to sleep again.

   Oranges, that sweet smell of oranges invade my nose and I couldn’t help but smile. Last night I was busying my hands while watching a TV show by tearing orange skins into tiny pieces in my room. Apparently the smell lingered but I must have gotten accustomed to it the whole time I was asleep and forgot about it when I left my room. Noses are weird like that, aren’t they?

   And I lie down on my back in bed and start to doze off. It’s still a little warm, but the smell of oranges really relaxes me until I could feel myself falling asleep. And the last thing  I hear is the droning of a fan from a distance.

This post is in response to today’s Daily Prompt: Feed Your Senses

11 thoughts on “Early in the morning

  1. nice entry. when you end your story with the “droning of a fan”, i got curious and immediately check whether you started the story with the sound of the fan also. it did not. 🙂

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