Adventure of a Lifetime

Daily Prompt: Too Big To Fail Tell us about something you would attempt if you were guaranteed not to fail (and tell us why you haven’t tried it yet).

Peter E. Lee / / CC BY-NC

   I want to go on an adventure. Not just any adventure, I mean the biggest adventure of my life comparable to the great ones by J.R.R Tolkien or C.S. Lewis or Philip Pullman – anywhere that goes beyond the realm of this physical world. Perhaps even across time and space as the legendary Doctor does.

  But the value of such adventures disappears when there is such a thing as a guarantee; part of the appeal is the uncertainty of the goal. And life doesn’t always end as cleanly as they do in these books and great tales, even when we so desperately want them to. There are also no inevitability that would spur you on the correct path to that happy ending. There is only your decisions and their consequences, or perhaps that’s what an inevitable plot takes its form of. In that case, everything is a quest in the making and consequently a tale worth telling. But for sure the guarantee is the element all myths are made of and ultimately, they just get in the way. Imagine not getting the best of your journey because of the complacency that you are inclined to have because you know that you will succeed. True, it’s a very tempting offer but it is not a wish worth asking for.

  Similarly, love doesn’t give guarantees and yet I want to touch it. So I’d pass up on this whole guaranteed thing and just go with how life intended things to go. I want to keep falling in love, plain and simple. Hopefully, to the same person over and over again.

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16 thoughts on “Adventure of a Lifetime

  1. I want to go on an epic world travel. I always go in little planned, self-contained jaunts. I want a full scale, backpack on my back country hopping adventure. A combination of money, work-related obligations and now a baby growing in my belly has put THAT on hold for awhile now.. haha…

    1. Things may very well turn around full circle. Maybe if you will it, that trifecta might just be the reason for a big scale travel opportunity. You never know 😉
      Some things that seem to stop us just challenges us to be even more creative. And I’d love to make those epic kind of travels too. Just waiting for the money part of it all to work out. haha

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