But against

b1ue5ky / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA

I love you against the world
We are a match we made for each other
We love at our own home
Inside our hearts and our mind
We are each other’s reprieve and respite
Against the chains outside
That the rest call Freedom

It is a sad truth that love, including everything else human and personal, has become a social construct; or perhaps it has always been this way. Being able to define, in broad strokes, what conventional love is and being able to provide instances of its stark negative that is unconventional love ought to be an uncomfortable experience. But it is not and that in itself shows us how society asserts itself on our consciousness – quite the most powerful and scary form of influence. And yet we still love beyond what is considered acceptable and right which makes knowing the horrible truth of society’s control somewhat bearable. We may be helpless to the status quo in many facets of our daily lives, but it is through love that we are able to rebel against it and become the unrestrained mavericks that we hide within our selves.

From today’s Daily Prompt: Unconventional Love

16 thoughts on “But against

  1. This line spoke volumes to me:

    We are a match we made for each other

    I like how it puts the act in the hands of the lovers. I like that it emphasizes a mutual choice between the lovers to love each other. The perception of love, after all, is not in what society dictates as love.

    On a near-grammatical level, I like the omission of “that” in between “We are a match” and “we made for each other.” At first glance, I thought that it was wrong (because I am a grammar freak). I then looked at it again to see what you didn’t write. Society seems to act way, too, when treating people with “unconventional” relationships. It takes them a second glance to realize that it’s love, nonetheless.

    I’m probably reading into that line too much, but I just want to let you know that I really appreciate what you’ve written. πŸ˜€

  2. I love this. I have written many unconventional Poems about love, yet the material is a subject like this, the ones we don’t think about enough. The subjects we should consider, but rarely even come to our conscious. I appreciate your work.

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