What love has

Brandon Christopher Warren / Love Photos / CC BY-NC

There are an infinity of forms that love can take; the amount of love you keep in your heart multiplied by the number of people in the world and more. You may be wondering how you could possibly begin to define what these kinds of love share. Is it the intensity of emotions, the attraction that bonds, the limitless possibilities, or something too abstract? The answer is simple, it’s you. It is not just you, it is you.

You are the one born with the capacity for love, to love and to be loved; to appreciate and love anyone and everyone, anything and everything; and to stand witness of its evolution. With all the amazing feats that literature sings of Love, they are nothing without you. Love defies reason and nature but it does so through you. And though there are moments when the love you feel is so strong, whether as you fall in love or grieve from it, you are the agent which defines it. It is because of you that love is what it is and if you believe love to be so powerful, then know that you are so as well.

Daily Prompt: I Want to Know What Love Is
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