The Reason for Words

I have thoughts in my head that I can never give justice to when I express them with words. But words are the the means I can convey them the best, so I try. Still, I have to ask this, “Are my truths still worth mentioning even if they couldn’t be captured outside the realm of the mind?”

Engaging in communication is how we develop our cognitive faculties. If we practice more, then we can expect to be better at expressing our thoughts. That’s why we have to. If I still can’t figure out the most abstract of thoughts in my head, then I have to wait and hope; hope that maybe one day I could reach that milestone and achieve the level of skill that could decipher my own mind. Until then, I must write.

I started with the littlest things, describing the trivial things in the most simple way. Now, I am comfortable sharing my more personal and intimate experiences even reaching so far as expressing the complexities of emotions. And I know I am still green; there is so much ahead to conquer that are both inside my head and out there in the world.

I could only see as far as the horizon ahead of me and not beyond; it excites me, stringing a cord in my being – the longing for the great unknown. Words are the blocks to build with in navigating the unexplored. In fact, they make up the compass to go anywhere and everywhere as it always points towards one direction – onward.

Photo credit: jessgrrrr / / CC BY

11 thoughts on “The Reason for Words

    1. Thanks for this! This made my day. You should know that I always am looking forward to your feedback. You’re my most frequent visitor and reader and I’m really grateful for it. 🙂

      1. I already was following you, I mispressed the button for the like button and ended up unfollowing you so I had to click it again. You know how these things happen @.@

      2. I don’t want to sound ignorant but I’ve never met anyone who lives in the Philippines. Did you grow up speaking several languages? Just curious.

      3. Yes I did, but not as the polyglot I wish I were. I speak our region’s language which is the vernacular called Waray and two of its dialects aside from the lingua franca national language that is Filipino; Filipino is the official language of the country as opposed to the wrongly propagated notion that it is Tagalog, which is a vernacular of the north. And of course, there’s English.

        I wish I could learn to speak Spanish, French, Japanese, Cantonese, Italian, and German. Or was I just being random. @.@

      4. Oh. That’s how I feel about the Romance languages, like it’s no big deal to speak more than one cause they’re similar amongst themselves.
        But I was still impressed by your reply.

      5. Nice, that’s quite an astute observation about Romance languages. :))) There’s a material there to write somewhere. 😀
        Another matter I would like to explore, maybe, is this difference of inherently learning a language and actively seeking to engage and immerse oneself with a foreign one. Oh, how I wish I could write about love through different tongues. XD

  1. Haikus are quite delicate aren’t they? At first glance they simply just don’t make sense and it takes a moment of meditation and some deep thinking to get the gist of one let alone compose one!

    Nah, being a linguist is hard and very detail-specific. The technical stuff behind languages really complicate things. I’d rather just hear about the stories that the languages tell, learn the functional part of them maybe. :)))

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