Maybe If then Perhaps

luigi morante / Foter / CC BY

Maybe, just maybe
if I stare long enough into your eyes
I will see myself the way you see me
and perhaps I could love my self as much as you love me

If I continue to listen to your voice
as you sing and tell stories
maybe I will hear it
the echo of that which spurs you
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Through the looking glass(es)

subsetsum / / CC BY-NC-ND

    I always imagine that I was born with glasses on. That’s a weird  musing since I’ve only been prescribed them when I was ten years old: mostly because someone noticed my grades have been consistently getting lower even when I did well during written exams. And every year my eyes just get worse. What started at a grade of 110 for nearsightedness has now reached 550 more than a decade later.

  I’ve never been made fun of because of my glasses though. I guess I’m just one of those faces that are meant to wear them so naturally that I just blend in. That or everyone has gotten so used to me wearing glasses day in and out to even bother making names, I could imagine how tiring teasing could get. Lucky because I was being hard on myself as it was.

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No lone wanderer

darkmatter / / CC BY-NC-ND

Good friends are always there beside you
To lighten your burden without question or judgment;
Sitting by with shoulders for you to lean on.
Great friends keep you company no matter what,
At the pit stops of your weary journey
Offering their backs to rest against, time and again.
And when you most need them, you realize
True friends stay with you forever
With ready hands to reach out for
So that you could get back up on your feet
To become the best you were always meant to be.

   It is so that in this world there will always be trials and hardships to overcome, some more difficult than the rest. A handful of people, you might know one or two of them, could weather almost any kind of troubles by themselves and we call them the strong and able ones who we all look up to. For everybody else, these challenges are too much to handle alone. And that’s fine because we are social beings and we need a helping hand every now and then, even when we don’t acknowledge it.

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Early in the morning

susivinh / / CC BY-ND

   The temperature just rose by a degree, that’s what woke me up this early; the whirring noise of the fan two feet away doesn’t help. I take a peek to check my phone for the time with one eye closed- it’s a blurry 06:00 on the screen. I’m not a morning person but I always end up waking around this time.

   I close my eye back as I strain to listen to the usual sounds in the morning; the TV should be on by now and then the shower or if I woke a little later I should be hearing the ironing board being set up. But I hear none of these things that tell me that my older brother is preparing for his work. Then I realize, it’s Saturday. Continue reading “Early in the morning”

Adventure of a Lifetime

Daily Prompt: Too Big To Fail Tell us about something you would attempt if you were guaranteed not to fail (and tell us why you haven’t tried it yet).

Peter E. Lee / / CC BY-NC

   I want to go on an adventure. Not just any adventure, I mean the biggest adventure of my life comparable to the great ones by J.R.R Tolkien or C.S. Lewis or Philip Pullman – anywhere that goes beyond the realm of this physical world. Perhaps even across time and space as the legendary Doctor does.
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The Story of the Purple Bunny

This is my very own Toy Story.

English: pg 25 of The Velveteen Rabbit.
English: pg 25 of The Velveteen Rabbit. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

   As with any garage sale that I find myself in, the only thing that really grabs my full attention are books. Like a bee dancing in the air and circling about in a garden, nothing is as important a goal for me as that nectar of nutrition that is the plot hidden inside a book.

In fact, my mind has its own secret code of an image for the impulse to find books – a purple bunny. But before today, until this moment when I saw a ruined and tattered cover of a children’s book, I could never remember how it became so. Now, as if a trigger has been pulled, there’s this epiphany – it was the Velveteen Rabbit! (Before you interject that the rabbit in question was in fact not purple but brown, the association is quite a simple and forgivable one, believe me. The story of the velveteen rabbit which I read was one of some four or five stories put together in a book and the color of the cover of the book was, you got it, purple.)
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