By her side

Saw her walking down the aisle in her white dress, the most important dress she’ll ever wear, whiter than the orchids around her and that bouquet of roses. She pauses for the briefest of seconds to breathe it all in. This is her wedding.

Right in front of her are her parents looking back, smiling their knowing smile filled with nostalgia about their own moment on that carpeted path. Beyond them, her sisters holding their hopeful bright smiles with tears filling their eyes. And farther still, her soon to be partner in life just standing there holding her gaze and waiting for the most beautiful girl he has ever met standing across the grand church at her most radiant.

Everything she holds dear is here, she smiles, exhales and teary-eyed, she marches onward and the ceremony proceeds with her. She is guided by her parents and everyone around her is captivated, enthralled. This is her wedding, the most special of days. And it’s only just begun.

5 thoughts on “By her side

  1. Brings back a lot of memories — very vividly described! Thanks so much for stopping by Mrs. City Boy and liking my post — I look forward to reading more of your blog as time goes on!

  2. Love and all that goes with it – the wedding, the romance. the beginning of a relationship – is expressed so passionately – almost devoutly, and certainly devotedly – with all your thoughts and ambitions, transcribed so exquisitely, emotionally and verbally such a personal poem.

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