The year that was.

I sing of Janus as I reminisce about the year at its end. Whether the year has been a good one or not, and how much I’ve grown and matured and which naivete I’ve uncovered of me as they were swallowed up by the realities of life. What are the passages in this chapter that is worth retelling and which would I keep to myself and look back to for how and what they’ve taught me?

After thinking these over, here’s what I’ve come to know. This year has been a long one, it has taught me a lot but not enough for what is to come. But it is in knowing how much we lack having learned how much we can gain, lose, and give that we come to understand life. Tomorrow isn’t just a new year, it is a challenge of choices to be made and deeds to be done for the few things we can effect around us that will be everything that will be known of us that matters. We are wiser with the years, don’t count them, make them count.

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