Hope and Love

I’ve seen Infatuation’s face, one of Venus’ many. With a smile she blessed me; for as long as I invite love to blossom in my heart I will always nourish it and keep it. This was a gift and a promise.

But until I find my soul’s mate, to whom I will share everything and whence eternal love will shine bright and golden, I will live and fall to despair. Lessons from an endless line of unrequited and ended affairs through which I would learn that my blinded eyes and clouded heart will deceive me. And then I would realize that the longer it takes to find you, the stronger the longing will be until I turn a fool for love.

A fool I may be but never the cynic because of a promise. I will keep on searching through distance and time because of hope. There is always hope in me, though it grows dimmer by the moment, that there is happiness – a future of bliss and a piece of heaven for mortals. It may be just a speck hiding behind a shadow and maybe its beyond the horizon still but somehow, some time, I will stumble upon it or the wind may blow it to me.

Because until I meet you, I’d never have loved at all but I’d have learned how to. Yes, I’ve seen Infatuation’s face but it is with you that I will find Love, and I will have been truly blessed.

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