My very first Award.

First week in the blogosphere and I was actually recognized by one of my blog’s readers as an interesting read by nominating me for the One Lovely Blog Award. It’s beyond my wildest imagination, really. I guess baring my emotions for the past few days have touched and resonated with you and that is really an honor in itself. Having said that, I would like to thank you for considering me worthy of the top 15 blogs you like most Joy of Traveling!

So, let’s go right up to business. As a Nominee, there are a couple of rules to follow.

Here they are:

  • Mention and link to the post of the fellow who graced you with the award;
  • Feature the award picture on your post;
  • Reveal 7 things about yourself ; and
  • Nominate 15 blogs you like.

So here are the seven things you may or may not want to know about me:

  1. I’ve started writing my blog because I am currently inside the zone of inspiration where I’m determined to take permanent residency.
  2. All the things I write about come from a special place in my heart and from the filing cabinet of memories in my head.
  3. I am not a hopeless romantic, not yet anyway.
  4. I do watch romantic movies or chick flicks as they are more popularly known now, but I’ve watched more morbid movies to date.
  5. Pink is not my favorite color although I don’t assume you’d think that, I’m just saying. FYI, its green.
  6. As I’ve written in my blog’s Why this? page, which I can’t seem to make visible and accessible, I’ve never been in a committed and romantic relationship.
  7. My blog is so filled with love, and I mean literally full of the four letter word L-O-V-E, its verging on being flagged as a spam site.

And here, arranged in no order whatsoever, are the top 15 blogs I read and liked so far, it may be a little premature since I haven’t been around that long:

  1. Oneowner, the pictures are truly captivating seeing that it is a blog dedicated to photography and it is infused with Oneowner’s wit making it, and I quote from the blog, “fact free”.
  2. Kimberlydefined, ageless stories of being a person.
  3. Accidentalatheist, a memoir of a former devout Mormon who’s now without religion about his journey throughout and beyond.
  4. Mybalancedlife, weirdly insightful and funny,  stories of misadventures of dating.
  5. Wordsbecomesuperfluous, posts from a once talkative blogger who promises to use fewer but more inspirational words.
  6. Tasteoflifebysabi, after reading each post, you’re sure to enter a moment of introspection about life.
  7. Thisisferg, a beautiful collection of photos. A photography blog recently transformed to ‘blomage’, a blog that pays homage to other blogs ( I hope I got that right).
  8. Lonevox, undoubtedly one of my favorite blogs yet. It’s simply inspirational with a lot of wit .
  9. Ermiliablog, a blog of a new sort of duo about books they co-author and much much more.
  10. Streetification, photography of things on the road or sight you see from the urban roads. There’s also poetry and prose to describe the captured moments.
  11. And this is kind of embarrassing but I am still completing my fave top 15. :), I’m almost done! Hooray! I promise to send out the notifications when I’m done with this. 😀

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