The beach; have you ever?

Have you ever lived so close to the beach that you could feel the sea breeze kiss your cheeks and blow your hair and you could taste the salt in the air? When you lie waiting for sleep in your bed, couldn’t you hear the splashing of the waves and its occasional roar as it reaches the sandy shore? And does it not  lull you to the deepest and sweetest slumber?

Or have ever gone to the beach and looked towards an unending expanse and lose yourself to the majesty of the sky and the sea and let yourself believe that somehow in the horizon they actually meet? As you retreat inland doesn’t the sand on your feet fascinate you as the grains of the beach have mixed thoroughly with the ash of an unforgotten eruption of a volcano somewhere giving its unique feel?

Have you not waited by the beach for sunset? For the longest moment, do you not notice how the sun just hangs over the horizon seemingly to let you appreciate and bathe in its last rays of the day before it hastily sinks down to shower light to another part of the world? In seeming celebration, have you not immersed yourself in the water at that instance of marriage between day and night called dusk?

Have you not stayed on the sandy beach for the night graced with the light of the full moon and the warmth of a campfire? And don’t the silver and the yellow light cast dancing shadows on the sand against the black canvas that is the sea? And as you inevitably fall asleep lulled by the music of the beach have you not dreamt they were mermaids’ voices singing for you and filling your stupor with the pirates’ quest for the bounty and the hidden treasures of the oceans?

And have you not woken up by the beach just before the break of dawn with a gripping chill in the air and stand witness to a gray world? Does it not remind you of a fulfilled wish for the sea and the sky meeting and becoming one? Would you not smile for this wondrous moment in your life?


This post is dedicated to my dearest friend Bea who’s celebrating her birthday today. Love and miss you Bea!! 🙂

Photo credit: …-Wink-… / / CC BY-NC-ND

5 thoughts on “The beach; have you ever?

    1. I completely agree! It’s captivating, that’s why I borrowed it for this entry.

      Please click on the Photo credits at the bottom of the entry to reach Wink’s Flickr account and enjoy his exquisite work.

      As much as I’m a fan of good photographs, I’m also an advocate for their proper attribution. 😀

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