To those I loved, am loving and will love

aussiegall / Foter / CC BY

Maybe it is too early or too soon or perhaps the moment is just ripe, regardless, I want to tell you this. Yes, I want to want to say I love you.

We’ve only just met but we’ve known each other since forever. You know me better than anyone does. You’ve stripped me of my defenses and made MY truth get through. No lies nor deceit played through these lips; the only thing they’ve learned is to smile.

These eyes that saw nothing but hope and only hope finally saw happiness take shape. Those brown eyes, the bush that are your brows, and the grove that leads to your shapely lips that make me fly. Towards the dreams I’ve longed for and the places I’ve sought, which were always with you, I dared to go.

And some times I lose myself and forget who I am but the cool sound of your voice always reach me and find me and lead me back to you. Because the warmth of your back against mine as we sit on the damp grass late at night gazing at the stars comforts me and lets me welcome tomorrow. Because we’ve only just met and  yet we know so much, I want to want to say, “I love you.”

We are young and mature, we challenge and we fight forward. When we stumble down, you let me pick you up and let my shoulder carry your load. And we trust and respect each other. So, even before these happened, I have already told myself, I want to want to say all these by saying I love you. Because  I have, I do, and I always will.

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