can’t HELP but love you. by ME

… — …


Just in case it’s not clear to you, I don’t know how you could miss it, this IS a love letter. We haven’t known each other for that long through this letter, I would like to share my deepest and most honest feelings to you, my one and only piece of Happiness.

I’ve longed for love all this time and wondered about faithfulness and loyalty. Until I met you I’ve never truly known these things so completely and so genuinely. You’re like the beacon of values I’ve never even heard of – I still don’t know if ‘unflappability’ is a thing.

I always imagined the perfect one for me; the quirks that would make me smile and the features that would make everyone insecure. But you’re so much more than these that I think of myself silly for even considering them. I don’t mind that you’re short and hairy and I definitely don’t take notice when you pick your nose or sharpen the kitchen knives every night.

When I was lost in the woods I never thought that I would survive but you found me and kept me here in your cabin in the middle of nowhere. I thank you for finding me.

You complete me. Here’s to eternity with you.

…  —  …

Forever yours,


…  —  …

P.S. You can show this to your friendS. O.r S.ome stranger if you want. . .

i cant HELP it, say that you

love   ME  too, OK?


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