What we have

This here, what we have, is a sad tale. Worse even than the love stories I’ve watched, read, and heard about because of its reality for us. You and I and the present; what a threesome we are. I could hardly write more. Use the ups and downs and twists in my life, you told me, to fuel my writing and spur me onward. Ride the crescendo of my emotions like a surfer with the waves.

I love you. It’s a truth within me whose voice I shelved for the right moment. But will there ever be a right moment ever? Will it be just a dream, the whispered exchange of these meaningful words?
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Hope and Love

I’ve seen Infatuation’s face, one of Venus’ many. With a smile she blessed me; for as long as I invite love to blossom in my heart I will always nourish it and keep it. This was a gift and a promise.

But until I find my soul’s mate, to whom I will share everything and whence eternal love will shine bright and golden, I will live and fall to despair. Lessons from an endless line of unrequited and ended affairs through which I would learn that my blinded eyes and clouded heart will deceive me. And then I would realize that the longer it takes to find you, the stronger the longing will be until I turn a fool for love.
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orangeacid / People Photos / CC BY Brown eyes that stare back, comprehending; Un-shielded and honest, they look back. Captivating, they tell a story of longing, But trapped inside and unknown by all. For a second they speak; a tale so sad Of a lost boy trying to find love Lost in the haze of Life hastened, Hastened by fate and tested by time. Brown eyes that look back, Bearing love to those who see. Looking and longing, Staring back. Continue reading See


nattu / Art Photos / CC BY

These are the words I wish I could have told you then and there but I couldn’t have uttered these and carry their meaning at the same time. I’m weak that way, you know this.

Although all relationships are important, at this point in time and in my little corner of the world, friendship is the most precious one. It requires a lot of effort and most of the work is centered on keeping it and making sure not to screw it up. Continue reading “Gap”

The young children on the seashore

noizyboy / Beach Photos / CC BY-ND

   During my childhood, we would go to the beach to celebrate some event or another as a family. Early on I’ve heard of the stories about the wonders of the sea and its horrors, both hidden and apparent, and fantastical and real. Because I didn’t know better which were which, I’ve always been wary of swimming and going in too deep, which meant above knee level in my young mind. So there was only one popular activity to do on the shore which seemed totally rad to me.
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My very first Award.

First week in the blogosphere and I was actually recognized by one of my blog’s readers as an interesting read by nominating me for the One Lovely Blog Award. It’s beyond my wildest imagination, really. I guess baring my emotions for the past few days have touched and resonated with you and that is really an honor in itself. Having said that, I would like to thank you for considering me worthy of the top 15 blogs you like most Joy of Traveling!
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Vivid Cupid

There was a cupid who came to me in a dream, Who clasped my hands and rested them on my chest. A cupid who sat beside me, Leaned towards me and whispered to my ears. I hear the sweet voice and feel the soft breath. Then there was only me. Yes, there was  a cupid who came to me in a dream; Who wore your face and told me Soon I will find Love, All I had to do was see.   Photo credit: Pensiero / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND Continue reading Vivid Cupid