You are with me as I lay asleep

Listen, there is music in the silence of the night,
In the stillness of the air there is dance;
Painted in the fog of the early morn, look
This is my world with you.
You are art, are life to me.

Your loving gaze  reflect my own longing.
I know you so deeply, I am not afraid;
Be with me for the fleeting moment
That I hold you, that I hear you, that I feel you.
Though distance and time may soon part us,
You are etched in my heart.

Dreams couldn’t be as sweet
As the moments I share with you.
Though I falter in life,
You, my anchor, hold steadfast.
You are my love, my all.

Photo credit: Lauren Treece / / CC BY-ND

Short is the way

How do you measure the distance
between two hearts?
Is it time apart or silence’ depth,
The count of arguments,
The weight of doubts.

And the when
Is it not the very question itself
That marks the beginning
of yet another end.





Prompt: Measure


Kin by pact forged by fate,
souls of all walks,
together treading along
the same uncertain path.

Brotherhood of friendships
found, lost, and recovered;
unlikely and yet a perfect fit,
pieces of a puzzle board.

Spokes of Fortune’s wheel.

True Luck

What is luck but one’s attraction to the meaning whispered by the world.

Is it not just hearing, pointing, and connecting dots in the air? As two things are bridged by circumstance, you, nothing more than the innocent bystander, notice that you are standing in the middle of it. Vaguely with the realization of a concept that eludes those without, you are simply present and nothing more.

Merely the luck that defies the typical are loud enough to be heard by those around and are called out to attention.

This is luck, in its simplest nature.




The story I am writing exists, written in absolutely perfect fashion, some place, in the air. All I must do is find it, and copy it.

~Jules Renard

The Daily Post
Third From the Top

The third post in my Reader is Thought Catalog’s “8 Ways You Make Life Harder Than It Should Be“. The third sentence is about a concept in personality psychology called ‘internal locus of control’ which could be related to Willliam Ernest Henley’s words: “I am the master of my fate.” The brief definition of the jargon reminded me of the movie Lars and the Real Girl.

The underlying theme as presented by the trailer of the 2007 comedy-drama is fairly intriguing. 27-year-old Lars Lindstrom, whose personality is bordering anti-social, starts suffering from a delusion – he introduces an “anatomically correct”, life-size doll to his brother and sister-in-law as his girlfriend. Seeing this as an opportunity to open up the Lars’ cloistered self, a psychologist urges the concerned couple to go along with his condition. Soon the entire town is let in on a community-wide effort to tolerate, and eventually, accept their strange visitor.

The movie depicts the ability of a person to bring about change in his life through unexpected and often misunderstood means. Even with his altered perception, the protagonist slowly wrestles issues about his past through the unexpected help of everyone around him.

As explained in the introductory paragraph of the referenced link, the counterpart of the internal locus of control is the external locus. For me, the movie that first comes to mind for this concept is the 2006 comedy-drama-fantasy film Stranger than Fiction.

One Last Remembrance

How did that go again,
The moment when we knew?
Tell me before we say goodbye.
How did it feel when we started to fall
So in love, so in love.

I remember the rain on that young Friday night
That urged us close under your umbrella.
There were the golden city lights, the cars and the train,
Yet nothing distracted me more than you
As we got lost in the heart of the City
Laughing and smiling together.

I recall these things at this late hour
But I can’t remember them without you.
Before we let go, can we share one last time
How did that go again,
My love?

Dreams and Tales

I don’t want to believe in fairy tales again.
Happy endings are but far away fantasies;
Loving is a quickly fading memory;
And hoping brings nothing but heartbreak.
Until you…

Surely a spell has been cast
When our eyes held each other’s glance.
For though fate has been unkind,
Love was once again defined;
Perhaps for the last time.

Rekindling life itself,
The waking has exceeded the dreaming.
A silent heart’s wish granted
Through each kiss – true love’s bliss.