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Hear them, the phantom voices in the air.
Words unspoken, unheard;
Conversations past or yet to be instigated.
Fleeting sounds like floating bubbles.
Accidental in form,
Trapped in Time’s amber.

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You are with me as I lay asleep

Listen, there is music in the silence of the night, In the stillness of the air there is dance; Painted in the fog of the early morn, look This is my world with you. You are art, are life to me. Your loving gaze  reflect my own longing. I know you so deeply, I am not afraid; Be with me for the fleeting moment That I hold you, that I hear you, that I feel you. Though distance and time may soon part us, You are etched in my heart. Dreams couldn’t be as sweet As the moments I share … Continue reading You are with me as I lay asleep

A question asked, an answer quip and an answer fail.

Someone new asked me something I haven’t had to answer for a while, “So what makes you a writer?” With the demand to impress while barely out of wakening stupor, I replied as much as my creative juices could manage. Words drawn from thin air are the cloth and my brain is my sewing machine. With inspiration as the thread, I end up with decent enough stories to tell through strings of letters people could read. And I should’ve stopped there but silly me went on and added an alternative retort: So i write. Because I write, I’m a writer. … Continue reading A question asked, an answer quip and an answer fail.

5 years and a lifetime ago

I was feeling nostalgic about this website out of nowhere so I began reading and backing up my composition in an email thread. It was then that I realized the reason for my mood. Apparently this blog was born 5 years ago exactly (yesterday lol). So many things have happened since then. The nature of the content here changed a few times reflecting such events. I keep going back to this blog just to get that sense of things from way back. That’s the beautiful nature of web logs, I guess. And I’m very thankful that wordpress is still around. … Continue reading 5 years and a lifetime ago

True Luck

What is luck but one’s attraction to the meaning whispered by the world. Is it not just hearing, pointing, and connecting dots in the air? As two things are bridged by circumstance, you, nothing more than the innocent bystander, notice that you are standing in the middle of it. Vaguely with the realization of a concept that eludes those without, you are simply present and nothing more. Merely the luck that defies the typical are loud enough to be heard by those around and are called out to attention. This is luck, in its simplest nature.       Continue reading True Luck

The Daily Post Third From the Top The third post in my Reader is Thought Catalog’s “8 Ways You Make Life Harder Than It Should Be“. The third sentence is about a concept in personality psychology called ‘internal locus of control’ which could be related to Willliam Ernest Henley’s words: “I am the master of my fate.” The brief definition of the jargon reminded me of the movie Lars and the Real Girl. The underlying theme as presented by the trailer of the 2007 comedy-drama is fairly intriguing. 27-year-old Lars Lindstrom, whose personality is bordering anti-social, starts suffering from a delusion – he introduces an “anatomically … Continue reading