You are with me as I lay asleep

Listen, there is music in the silence of the night,
In the stillness of the air there is dance;
Painted in the fog of the early morn, look
This is my world with you.
You are art, are life to me.

Your loving gaze  reflect my own longing.
I know you so deeply, I am not afraid;
Be with me for the fleeting moment
That I hold you, that I hear you, that I feel you.
Though distance and time may soon part us,
You are etched in my heart.

Dreams couldn’t be as sweet
As the moments I share with you.
Though I falter in life,
You, my anchor, hold steadfast.
You are my love, my all.

Photo credit: Lauren Treece / / CC BY-ND

The Daily Post
Third From the Top

The third post in my Reader is Thought Catalog’s “8 Ways You Make Life Harder Than It Should Be“. The third sentence is about a concept in personality psychology called ‘internal locus of control’ which could be related to Willliam Ernest Henley’s words: “I am the master of my fate.” The brief definition of the jargon reminded me of the movie Lars and the Real Girl.

The underlying theme as presented by the trailer of the 2007 comedy-drama is fairly intriguing. 27-year-old Lars Lindstrom, whose personality is bordering anti-social, starts suffering from a delusion – he introduces an “anatomically correct”, life-size doll to his brother and sister-in-law as his girlfriend. Seeing this as an opportunity to open up the Lars’ cloistered self, a psychologist urges the concerned couple to go along with his condition. Soon the entire town is let in on a community-wide effort to tolerate, and eventually, accept their strange visitor.

The movie depicts the ability of a person to bring about change in his life through unexpected and often misunderstood means. Even with his altered perception, the protagonist slowly wrestles issues about his past through the unexpected help of everyone around him.

As explained in the introductory paragraph of the referenced link, the counterpart of the internal locus of control is the external locus. For me, the movie that first comes to mind for this concept is the 2006 comedy-drama-fantasy film Stranger than Fiction.

One Last Remembrance

How did that go again,
The moment when we knew?
Tell me before we say goodbye.
How did it feel when we started to fall
So in love, so in love.

I remember the rain on that young Friday night
That urged us close under your umbrella.
There were the golden city lights, the cars and the train,
Yet nothing distracted me more than you
As we got lost in the heart of the City
Laughing and smiling together.

I recall these things at this late hour
But I can’t remember them without you.
Before we let go, can we share one last time
How did that go again,
My love?

Wondering about the Tsu movement

There’s a relatively new kind of social media on the rise. It’s pretty decent if I say so myself but what do I know, I just started out yesterday. It’s main selling point, and rather a major and enticing one at that, is that it’s a revenue sharing social networking experiment so it’s basically “Facebook” that gives back it’s profit from ads.

The catch is that you can only register by invite only. If you want to check it out you can use my username to sign up through Or you can also check out other articles online about Tsu since there’s no shortage about it over the internet. Hope to hear from you there! Cheers!

Dreams and Tales

I don’t want to believe in fairy tales again.
Happy endings are but far away fantasies;
Loving is a quickly fading memory;
And hoping brings nothing but heartbreak.
Until you…

Surely a spell has been cast
When our eyes held each other’s glance.
For though fate has been unkind,
Love was once again defined;
Perhaps for the last time.

Rekindling life itself,
The waking has exceeded the dreaming.
A silent heart’s wish granted
Through each kiss – true love’s bliss.

Live Life My Dearest

Which sea will contain my sorrow?
How strong a thunder will punctuate my grief?
Could the wind’s howl compare
to this helpless heart’s cry?
Empty Nightmare has become reality
For life as that which I have lived has ceased.

But the road before me is not untrodden.
Silver streaks faintly glimmer declaring hope.
These falling dewdrops form threads that lead to the morrow.

Fearfulness breaks way for courage.
As specters from the Shadow emerge
reflecting my own woes
We reach out our hands and grasp the intangible.

Our lives have not ended.
Changed, transmutated, morphed indeed.
But life remains to be lived.
Now with gusto and zest,
The new pages await my chronicles.

Second day ‘blind’ comes with a revelation

I broke my glasses yesterday and I’ve gotten depressed (as you’ll see if you read my previous post). I’m really dependent on those glasses and so I found myself in this familiar slump. I couldn’t get my new glasses until tomorrow since my lenses are particularly thick and the clinic had to do something with some machine or the other to prepare it. So I’m stuck.

Then I had the urge to watch some TED videos on my smartphone which was about the only gadget I could efficiently manipulate with my condition. That’s where I stumbled on this really precious video titled “The game that can give you 10 extra years of life“. It’s a talk by Jane Mcgonigal, a game designer, about a simple idea she came up with on her days of depression after a serious concussion. It’s an elegantly simple program on overcoming any kind of difficulty that you are experiencing especially (but not limited by) those that result from illnesses.

I’ve tried habit forming apps and motivation apps before but this one called Super Better really got to me. It essentially helps you overcome negative vibes through a simplified process. And these steps do seem trivial but when you put the pieces together and actually do them deliberately and purposefully, you will realize that they do affect you in a fundamental way. Slowly but surely, this website will grow on you if you give it a try. Sure, I’m skeptical about the extra years guarantee of the program but I don’t particularly care about it anyway. As long as I could keep my mood in check, I’m good.


P.S. This isn’t some review about anything. I’m genuinely moved by the video and the website. Maybe I’m fishing for some ALLIES (you’ll know when you check the app out) but that’s just about the most nefarious agenda I have.

P.S.S. I’m really trying my best to come up with a witty Secret Identity. Tell me if you have/get one.

Days of Blur

If one’s world are all the eyes could see,
then mine is an arm’s circle.
But this closed space is everything I need –
a singular station rooted
within bounds of stone.

Brick by brick I have built the walls called distance;
burned each bridge that were once silver and gold.
The empty moon hide thorn-laden grass.
A moat of silence keep the phantom siege at bay.

This castle of one is my own peace.

The Search

This year is my quest year. Right at this very moment, I’m going to announce one sweeping declaration (not the kind that Marshall from HIMYM does).

Before 2014 is over, I will have found my cup of tea. Literally the tea that will tickle and engage my palate.  And I will be contentedly drinking it at the last afternoon of the year. It’s in conjunction with my “drink more fluids” and “drink less soda” resolutions. Woohoo~ so many promises to keep.

I’ve already tested (read: tasted discriminatingly — is there no such word?! The scandal! >.< ) (read: poser tasting) some tea and I didn’t particularly love them. Crossed of my list are the yellow label, green label, and jasmine flavor of the green label of one brand of tea. I guess I have to try other manufacturers. Hmmm, I probably should write this down my grocery list for the week.

For at the close comes a promise for new adventure

This new year holds something special for me; I can feel it in my bones. I haven’t been as excited about a year as I am now. In fact, I couldn’t remember ever being excited about an entire year. This time, I’ve turned a new leaf. I’ve resolved to dream and do what I want. It’s not going to be a year about me (but I’m so selfish I couldn’t guarantee that). It’s going to be my year. Reading it out loud makes no sense but I know I meant to say something profound back there.

Anyway, I’ve updated my Why this? page to let you all know that I’m changing some things in my blog. You might have noticed that the content no longer reflects what I started way back. I would’ve just deleted this entire blog since that turning point where all inspiration seemed to have left me but I couldn’t make myself do it so I’m doing some refurbishing instead. First, it’s not going to be entirely about romance anymore. Just putting it out there, I know you did notice it anyways. Second, I’m going to be writing more regularly. That’s a promise! And lastly, I’m going to confess that I honestly don’t know what else I’m changing in the blog. But it’ll be big, I think.

One beautiful Christmas greeting

seanmcmenemy / / CC BY


Today, I’ve finally heard from an old friend –  someone I could honestly say has changed my life.

It was a simple season’s greeting but it was more. It told me that he and his family were okay and that they were doing fairly well from their ordeal with Typhoon Haiyan. It meant they were still celebrating Christmas and the holidays and that they weren’t just surviving,they were thriving. Soon,they won’t just get back to normal but will be in a better state as will their neighbors, families, and friends who went through the same. It was testament of their resilient Filipino spirit and more. They are Waraynon.

It was the best Christmas gift I’ve ever had.